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Maintenance Programs

To keep your hot tub and its equipment in good condition and avoid health risks, you can follow a Hot Tub Maintenance Program. It consists of some checklists that you can do Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quaerily. The program also helps you prepare your hot tub for winter and spring.

Daily Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Add a registered sanitizer after use to maintain the sanitizer levels

  • Check and maintain sanitizer levels even when the spa doesn’t get used

  • Check the water temperature to ensure there are no problems with the system

Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Test sanitizer, alkalinity, and pH levels

  • Shock the water

  • Add stain and scale control

  • Adjust water pH and alkalinity, if necessary and as required

  • Wipe off debris above the water line to reduce contaminants

  • Rinse the filters, if needed

  • Wipe down both sides of the spa cover to prevent mildew and mold

Monthly Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Clean the filters properly

  • Check that jets are correctly working

Quaterly Hot Tub Maintenace

  • Clean the pipes

  • Empty and clean the hot tub

  • Remove and install a new or clean filter

  • Refill water

  • Add chemicals and test levels

  • Clean hot tub exterior walls

We offer hot tub maintenance packages that will keep your hot tub clean, comfortable, and fun.

Hot Tub technician performing maintenance on a hot tub.
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